Close, but No Cigar

Posted on 27 March 2013

Any writer who’s ever entered a writing contest has experienced it: the dreaded contest winner notification email, which is undoubtedly going to celebrate a winner who is anyone but you. But sometimes when you open this email, you might get more than the standard bio of the lucky winner and an invitation to enter again next year. You might, in fact, receive the surprising (if anti-climactic) news that you’ve been named a finalist.

I should know. It’s happened to me twice so far.

I just received word via this very sort of email that my short story, “Q&A at the Film Fest,” was named a finalist for the Tampa Review Danahy Fiction Prize.

I haven’t submitted much fiction at all in the past year, so receiving even a hint of good news for one of my very few submissions in 2012 is not so bad, all things considered. Even if I didn’t win the $1,000. That’s fine. Really, just fine.

But in all seriousness, congrats to the winner, James Gordon Bennett. As for me? A swing and a miss, but at least I’m still in the game.

Photo: Pete Zarria

4 responses to Close, but No Cigar

  • Paul Lamb says:

    It’s like being the slowest runner in the race (about which I know a great deal). You’re still much, must faster than the guy on the couch.

    Congrats on making the final round. It’s worth crowing about!

  • Sarah W says:

    Congratulations, Laura, and drat.

    And don’t worry about the cigar—they’re bad for you anyway (we call that the “sour tobacco” pep talk).

  • Downith says:

    Congratulations Laura. (love the cigar ad – to look at, I mean. I’m not feeling the need to smoke one. Yet.)

  • Averil says:

    Rats! But you still deserve a hearty congratulations and perhaps a chocolate cigar.

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