The Teapot Project

Posted on 17 February 2014

The last thing I expected to do last Sunday was wrap stuff in twine and then shellac it, but sometimes, that’s how life goes.

I was in need of a new teapot for my little college hovel after my adorable but cheap glass one broke. As much as I needed a replacement to make my six to eight daily cups of tea, I also was reluctant to spend too much on a new teapot. Enter Cleveland’s fine thrift shop scene, where I manged to score the above teapot for a only a couple of bucks.

True, it’s not the most attractive teapot in the world. It needed a good scrubbing, and the handle was covered in dirty, falling-apart plastic, but I figured that could be fixed. This is where Peter’s genius comes in: he suggested I rewrap the handle with twine and then shellac it.

Done and done. Here’s how it went down:

Here’s original the teapot with its falling-apart handle.


The first step: Peel off that plastic and wrap
the handle with some humble twine.


Next, gather your materials and prepare to shellac.


Let the painting begin. Use at least three coats of shellac.


Ta-da! The finished product.

Thanks to Peter and his twine-tastic idea, my writing sessions at Bowling Green are now tea-riffic. Sorry. Must be all the caffeine I’ve been drinking.

If you can’t get enough stories about my caffeine receptacles, last year’s Mugging for the Camera post is for you.

What are you making?

4 responses to The Teapot Project

  • An essay. I am about as handy as a lobster in a trap. The teapot looks great though!

  • Downith says:

    Of course you have to brew twinings tea. (Tee hee)

  • Felicity says:

    Aww, love it — I have a minor teapot collection in my herb window. Really should be growing herbs instead though. Hmm, perhaps I should grow herbs in the teapots!

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