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Posted on 10 October 2014

I recently updated my Events page, and I think this can of PBR set off by glitzy lights about sums it up: some fancy stuff mixed in with the simple and the cheap (and the free). In other words, something for everyone! From AWP in Minneapolis in 2015 (I’m presenting on a panel, giving a reading for Living Arrangements, celebrating Mid-American Review‘s 35th anniversary, among other events) to my MFA reading to editor speed dating to publishing panels and more, I’m getting around.

The editor speed dating takes place Saturday, October 18 at Barrelhouse’s Conversation and Connections conference in Pittsburgh. For a mere $5 donation, you can get 10 minutes of my time as the fiction editor Mid-American Review to offer on-the-spot feedback on your story.* I’m also presenting my session on creepy narrators at this conference at 9:30am. But the big event — the one I’m helping plan and am so excited about this year — is Winter Wheat: The Mid-American Review Festival of Writing, held Nov. 13-15 (with workshops taking place on Fri. Nov. 14 & Sat. Nov. 15). I will participate in a special Mid-American Review roundtable, present two workshops (one on developing a writing routine and one on dealing with literary rejection), and also participate in our inaugural private editor consultations ($10 for 20 minutes)…and then hit the bar at the after-party because that is going to be one busy weekend.

So if you’re in the general Great Lakes area — or know other writers who are — please consider coming to Winter Wheat, Conversations and Connections, or even my MFA reading. Maybe we can grab a PBR afterward.

*Actually, it’s not possible to request a specific editor during the Conversations & Connections speed dating event, purely for logistical reasons, but take heart. All of the editors are cheap dates, and it’s only $5. Go for it.

Photo: Eric Tastad


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