1. I started this website nine years ago, in 2010. That was the year I learned my short story collection, Living Arrangements, would be published by BkMk Press. At the time, I was working as an editor at a trade magazine, where I wrote about sexy topics like ergonomics and personal protective equipment. I was also debating whether I’d get an MFA at long last, and I was hard at work on a manuscript I didn’t know would become a drawer novel. I didn’t yet have a Twitter account, Instagram hadn’t yet launched, and personal blogs were still a thing. In the last five years or so, I have admittedly and unabashedly neglected this space, allowing it to become something of a time capsule from the early 2010’s. And then tonight, in a fit of determination, I updated WordPress and gave this site a rapid and long overdue face lift.

2. For the last several (don’t make me define “several”) years, I’ve been hard at work on a novel that is decidedly not a drawer novel. I signed with an agent and have been entrenched in revisions, a process that has been exhausting and sometimes frustrating but ultimately rewarding. This is the manuscript made possible by my last decade of experience, experimentation, failures, and striving.

3. My most recent print publication, the short story “Sleepaway Camp for the Education of Young Girls,” comes out this fall in The Southeast Review. This story is part of my in-progress taboo collection.

4. While I no longer maintain an active blog on this site, blogging has remained a part of my writing life. For the last three years I’ve been a regular blogger for Kenyon Review, an exercise in persistence that has compelled me to write short essays I might not have otherwise. I’ve written about everything from bad days to literary nightmares, The Handmaid’s Tale, Hamilton, and much more, and I’ve also interviewed some excellent writers along the way.

5. I’m a little out of practice for this “5 Random Things” category (and I’ve taken down all the old posts anyway), but let me end by saying this: I’m still here. I’m still writing. I’m still improving. And I look forward to all that might come next.