Other Living Arrangements (the vegan/werewolf kind)

Posted on 09 November 2010

It’s every writer’s nightmare: The title of your book is already taken. What could be scarier than that?

I’ll tell you:

Having your forthcoming short story collection share the same title as a low-budget feature film about a couple of vegans who discover their new home comes complete with a werewolf.

It’s going to sound like I’m making this up but I can’t make this up.

I googled “Living Arrangements” recently, mostly for fun, and not even because I feared the possibility that another, similar book already exists under that title (the horror). Thankfully, I found nothing like that.

But I did find something else. THIS:

Sasha and Billie just found a new apartment right next to their favorite coffee shops and thrift stores. Life couldn’t be better until they discover a blood-thirsty werewolf living in the attic. Coping with the uninvited roommate challenges their vegan lifestyle and may turn these animal savers into animal slayers. (website)

Okay, so maybe this movie does look kind of awesome. But still. When I wrote a short story and titled it  “Living Arrangements” in late 2008, and then when I decided to title my entire collection Living Arrangements a year later, I never would have dreamed that a gem of a movie like this would share the same name.

This shouldn’t be an issue (except, of course, for this: Why didn’t I think to write about vegans and werewolves? WHY?). And I won’t even get into the fact that Sasha and Billie are eerily similar to Peter and me. (They don’t eat meat. They like thrift stores and bicycling. They also appear to enjoy cafes and walkable neighborhoods. Ahhh!)

The only remaining question is — will I see this movie? I’m tempted. I am. But, as ridiculous as it looks (did you see that werewolf?) I’m not sure about all the meat and roadkill and carnage, no matter how funny it is. Yes. I’m really that weak.

If any of you see it, though, please submit a detailed review!

Photo: Nataliej

p.s. Here’s a review of the movie.
p.p.s. I also found the first chapter of some Twilight fanfic also named Living Arrangements, where Bella lives in Seattle and writes obituaries for a newspaper.

6 responses to Other Living Arrangements (the vegan/werewolf kind)

  • Sheila says:

    Hi Laura. I discovered your blog this morning and have been reading for an hour or so. Congratulations on Living arrangements. Opal is intriguing. Hope we hear more about it soon.

  • Daniel says:

    Clearly, there is a marketing opportunity here. Maybe you two can sponsor one another? Eh, ehhhh?

    • Ha. I’m picturing my book cover featuring a screen shot from the movie, giving the impression it’s the book version of the film. Would love to see the readers’ faces when they open it up to discover 13 literary stories that involve neither vegans nor werewolves. I don’t think I even have any gratuitous meat scenes in the book. For shame.

  • Averil Dean says:

    Oh good lord, that’s hilarious! But I couldn’t watch it either – I’m skeeved out by the meat (also, that chick’s hair). Gnarly, dude.

  • Downith says:


    Here’s what you do. You go to the cinema where the film is on with a table, chair and copies of your book and conduct a book signing. My guess is the book will be better than the film.

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