I’ll Do It Next Year

Posted on 07 January 2011

At this time last year, I was scrambling to write 2,000 words of my novel every day.

Thank god I’m not doing that again this year.

A variety of miscellaneous writing-related deadlines have popped up all at once. I can no longer put them off by telling myself I’ll get on it right after the new year. It is the new year and I need to get to work.

My novel doesn’t factor into any of these deadlines, but that’s something else I need to get cracking on. I always find it helpful to have a good space of time between drafts to let things work themselves out in my mind. But there comes a time when you’re no longer engaged in that process and are just plain procrastinating on the revisions. Guess where I suspect I am right now?

To top it off, I seem to be celebrating the new year by getting sick, which means I haven’t even had the energy to reply to the people who commented on this very blog, never mind all the deadlines I need to work on.

I think I just used up my January quota for complaints, so let me add: The sun is out today. I have a cat on my lap and a bag of clementines on the counter. I’m planning to see True Grit later this weekend. And I’m not holding myself to a daily 2,000 word requirement this month. Life is good.

What are you putting off?

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4 responses to I’ll Do It Next Year

  • glasseye says:

    I’m supposed to be designing a photo book for a client right now. I hate doing graphic design so I’ve put it off until the very last moment.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Aeriale says:

    Worrying about grad school. Life is goooood :D And indeed, feel better!

  • Downith says:

    My assignment for last term’s course – I couldn’t possibly start it til the children are back at school . . .

  • lisahgolden says:

    Today it turned out that I am putting off everything. Even that dreaded birthday party and the grilling from the overbearing mother. The nurse called from school around 1pm and asked me to come get the birthday girl who had a fever. Party postponed.

    Now I’ve used up my January quota of complaints. Dang it!

    P.S. That mom is sly. She was going to let her daughter ride the bus home with Sophie and then swing by later with the girl’s things. That way she could come when she was ready and see how I was handling the situation with all the girls. I want to be understanding, but I did take it a tad bit personally.

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