5 Random Things, Part V

Posted on 23 March 2011

1. Two days ago, I saw a woman reading Cat Fancy on the bus. For real.

2. Yesterday, Peter and I rode the bus downtown together. He was reading his e-reader; I was reading a library book.

3. On the bus ride home yesterday, with my trusty library book still in hand, I sat next to a young girl using an e-reader while the guy in front of me played Angry Birds on his iPhone. I kind of felt old.

4. This morning on the bus, every person surrounding me was reading a (physical) book. Strange.

5. I do not have an e-reader. It will certainly happen one day, but not right now. (I also still have an actual cassette player in my car and was still saving documents to discs several years ago until Peter laughed and bought me a jump drive; so what?)

Bonus #6: I hit “publish” to this entry by accident way before it was ready. Whatever. That never would have happened if I wrote this blog out by hand. On a scroll. With a fountain pen. Because I’m old and lame.

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9 responses to 5 Random Things, Part V

  • amyg says:

    you gotta pitch Cat Fancy; just to have it in your bio, right? something quirky about writing and cats and life.

    it will be the perfect final publication listed for your two-line bio that goes with your pic:

    “Besides her recently published collection of short stories, Laura Maylene Walter is a regular contributor to Poets & Writers, Inkwell, American Literary Review, and Cat Fancy.”

    • You might be on to something! I am now tempted to find out if I have what it takes to be published in Cat Fancy’s pages. But you know what that means…I’d have to actually read a bunch of copies first. I’m a cat lady, but am I THAT MUCH of a cat lady?

  • Teri says:

    I’m fascinated by the number of people — young people!? — who spend all their time in public staring at a smart screen. And how much do I love that it’s called a “smart” screen. Ha! Maybe Cat Fancy could be one of those things we should read on a smart screen so no one can see what it is, like porn.

    Cat porn. LOL I’m punchy from lack of sleep.

    I love the list, and I particularly love #6. How many times do I hit that Publish button only to have to revise immediately. But your On A Scroll, With A Fountain Pen, cracked me up.

    • Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to accidentally hit some key combination that immediately publishes all my unfinished/barely started draft blog posts. All of a sudden you guys would be swamped with 50 new entries that consist mostly of things like “Why olive oil is awesome + Living Arrangements + wine + really really good taco at that place.” God help us all.

  • Deb says:

    My husband said he was surprised to see as many e-readers as paper books on his across the pond flight yesterday. Interesting (maybe not) tidbit: a successful teen magazine in Finland decided to make the jump from paper to a totally electronic IPad app. After all, Finns are very accepting of new technology. And green. So, after little ado they rolled out their new E magazine. The company is now filing for bankruptcy. Their biggest mistake? They didn’t take into consideration that the average Finnish teen does not own an IPad.

  • lisahgolden says:

    Oh no…I just looked through my back issues of Cat Fancy today looking for a funny article to put in a care package I was putting together for Chloe. She needed some non-academic reading material. I am so embarrassed.

    But if you’re looking for ideas, I’ve got back issues. Bought on a whim as a way to burn up some about to expire airline miles. I SWEAR!

    • Ha! I didn’t mean to make you self-conscious about being a genuine Cat Fancy subscriber. I have a whole section about cats on this blog, so I shouldn’t be poking fun of anything…

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