Deep Thought Thursday: Creepy Cat Food Commercials

Posted on 31 March 2011

It’s back! Deep Thought Thursday, the blog category that no one notices or enjoys except my husband. But this is my world, and if I want to take a break from writing to talk about tooth fairies or polar bears, I will. And today, my world is full of creepy cat food commercials.

Frankly, I can’t believe this first one exists. I can’t get over the shot of the white cat flowing gracefully down the stairs. I’m in awe that it confirms that true cat ladies know that marriage isn’t just between two consenting adults — the cat is involved, too:

If you think the ad is something, take a look at its YouTube comments:

  • I am so in love with this commercial it is not funny! Totally inspired! I know my kitties are getting fancy feast treats now :)
  • yeah, i teared up. i feel proud knowing my cat at home eats fancy feast…
  • Best pet commercial ever sniff sniff* I never thought a macho guy like me would be heartfelt and cry
  • I have never replayed a hulu commercial four times in a row. Until now. Great ad, start to finish. I may have to buy some fancyfeast now. And that kitty is unbelievable!!!!
  • BEST … AD … EVER

You know, I like to joke about how I’m a cat lady, but apparently, I am completely incapable of playing in the big leagues alongside these guys. What amazes me most, however, is that this commercial actually worked and people are purchasing Fancy Feast because of it. (Full disclosure: My late and beloved cat, Whisper, who lived to the ripe old age of 21, adored Fancy Feast canned cat food. I kind of hated giving it to her, though, because I thought of it as the fast food of kitty nutrition. Also, like all canned cat food, it smelled like festering roadkill.)

Moving on. Slate‘s Seth Stevenson won a place in my heart by writing an entire article about a cat food commercial: “Psychedelic Cat Food: Why is the new Friskies ad so trippy?” He writes:

Dancing turkeys. Levitating windmills. Crustaceans unfurling a red carpet. Did someone at Friskies smoke an eighth of catnip? Is this an effort to reach a psychonautic subset of pet owners?

Here’s “the grooviest cat food the world has ever seen”:

Some of you might disagree that either of those commercials are “creepy.” Well, how about this one, where the cats are feeding on a human corpse?

This one isn’t really creepy. Except for the voiceover:

Finally, here’s a vintage Meow Mix commercial:

May your Thursday be as full of deep thoughts as these cats are of highly processed kitty kibble.

4 responses to Deep Thought Thursday: Creepy Cat Food Commercials

  • lisahgolden says:

    Love this. You can deep thought me about cats any day. Well, now I know what we’ll (the cats and I or is it me?) will be doing the rest of the afternoon. Watching videos!

    The corpse one is just weird. It’s got me rethinking the Whiskas I bought yesterday with my Buy One Get One Free coupon.

  • Downith says:

    Have I mentioned I’m not a cat person? I actually wanted to leave a comment on your last post but it seems to have comments off? So I’m leaving it here.

    I have some old draft posts too – I look at some of them and think WTF? But, you know, I couldn’t possibly delete them, you never know . . .

  • Deb says:

    Oh my gosh. Guess I am in the total lightweight category too, but I’m one of those people who believes my murderous kitty is at her happiest and healthiest when I let her outside to hunt. I’m still wondering how she dragged a hedgehog out of its hole and did it in without suffering a mouth full of quills. Thankfully, she has not set her sights on human flesh. Eww, that commercial is just gross. Psychedelic Friskees made me laugh though. Haven’t seen it yet but will keep an eye out.

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