I like my girls imaginary.

Posted on 20 April 2011

This morning I checked my email (when I should have been writing, but whatever) to learn that I won an Imaginary Girls bookmark. I still have to wait a few months to crack open the book itself, but now it will have a matching accessory…because we all know how fashion-conscious I am.

I definitely never 1) proudly paired a neon polka-dotted shirt with rainbow-striped pants when I was six or 2) attempted to start a new 4th grade fashion trend by wearing my sweater inside out because I thought the pattern and seams looked cool. All I got was a bunch of kids laughing and telling me my shirt was inside out (like I didn’t know). I could have switched it in the bathroom, but that would have been as good as admitting it was a mistake when it was totally intentional. I only had one choice: to endure the ridicule and wear it like that all day.

Anyway. I stumbled on Nova’s blog years ago and was immediately drawn to her voice, her honesty, and her views on writing. She reminded me a lot of myself. I mean, hello, she wears mismatched socks. Not that I do that specifically, but anyone who knows me understands that “matching” in general is not my friend. I’m still bummed my mom refused to let me leave the house in that blinding polka-dot-rainbow outfit, by the way.

What have you won lately? What have you lost?

7 responses to I like my girls imaginary.

  • Lyra says:

    Oh, matching. Am I the only one that wishes they made Garanimals for grown ups?
    And it’s not as if I don’t care, I do.
    I saw this woman in Union Station the other day. Platinum cropped hair, makeup light with red lipstick, and a tightly tailored black suit. Skirt, not pants, a slit just higher than business. She was stunning and I wanted not to just look like her but be her. She was a either an entrepreneur or assassin.
    And I walked by, my hair still wet from the shower in awful business casual brown, all brown, so I don’t have to think about matching. Uggh.
    I lost that morning. She won.

  • Averil says:

    My scrubs match, do I win an award? (I have one monumental hole in my sock, however. But no one can see it, so whatever.)

  • lisahgolden says:

    I’m not always so great about matching. That’s probably why I have a lot of black clothes. Minimize my margin for error.

    I’ve won some really cool things from blogs. A book (The Preacher’s Bride) with a matching bookmark (Matching!) by Jody Hedlund. Stephen King’s On Writing and some Lola by Marc Jacobs from Lola Sharp’s blog contest. I’m well read and I smell good!

    • Ah, but I’m capable of making all black look bad. Once I wore three different colors of black and didn’t notice until I was out in the sunlight: grey-black, blue-black, and of course dingy, overwashed black.

  • Jet says:

    Nothing wrong with mixing patterns. I wore a bow-print dress, checkered shirt and a black and white stripey blazer.

    No joke, that was on Monday.

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