A Retreat to Nowhere

Posted on 01 July 2011

I’m considering taking two days during this long weekend for a self-imposed writing retreat. The only catch is that I won’t physically leave my home, since I’m still adjusting to being back from my adventures in the wilderness and, frankly, my cats would destroy me and all I hold dear if I even consider leaving them again so soon.

So home it is. I’m thinking this will involve a strict Internet-DVD-bad TV-cell phone ban and some fancy new teas to drink while I’m trying to power through revisions. My writing routine has been interrupted for far too long, and if I waste this weekend watching old episodes of My So-Called Life (the melodramatic voice overs! The casual mentions of RuPaul and Smashing Pumpkins! So…much…plaid!) instead of actually getting some work done, my shame spiral will be strong.

Wish me luck and see you Tuesday.

Have you ever attempted an at-home writing retreat? What’s the secret to making it work? And what are you doing reading this on such a beautiful Friday afternoon?

8 responses to A Retreat to Nowhere

  • Good luck!! But I have to say, if you’re going to waste a weekend watching TV, My So-Called Life is definitely the show to do it with. So much angst… it’s truly fantastic.

  • Paul says:

    I tried making a day-long retreat at a cabin in the woods for writing, but it didn’t work. I was too distracted by nature. (Also, the down-the-road neighbor came by to chat. And it was too cold. And since there was no power, my laptop could only give me three hours of work time.)

    I like the idea of escaping to write, but then I’m left with the biggest distraction of all — my lack of self discipline.

  • Averil Dean says:

    I hope you’re deeply immersed at this moment, Laura. I’ve had a good writing morning myself, and just stopped for a cup of go-go juice before pushing on.

    Last summer, I had several productive weekend retreats at my sister’s cabin in Utah. And on the rare occasion that I get the house to myself, I’m always happy to insulate myself and dig into my work. (Still find it easier with a change of scenery, however.)

    Happy revising, my friend.

  • Lisa Golden says:

    I haven’t attempted this, but when the kids are in school and Doug is working, each day feels like a clear day to do the writing or to do the cleaning. I must make better choices because I blow a lot of days with the toilet brush in my hand.

  • Oh, I’m so interested in hearing how this went! I keep saying I’m going to try the same thing, but then the phone rings and I get an email and Lisa reminds me I need to clean the toilets…

    Carry on!!!

  • Downith says:

    Hope it’s going/gone well Laura. Happy 4th.

    I have five days left before the kids finish school -forget retreat, it will be surrender . . .

  • lizisilver says:

    My at-home writing retreats never work. The final product of my latest one? Painted my daughter’s bedroom. That’s the good thing about stay-at-home “writing” retreats… you become much more inclined to cross off items on the to-do list you’d otherwise never get around to doing.

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