Always a Bridesmaid, Only Occasionally the Bride

Posted on 01 September 2011

2009 was the year of the wedding. I attended almost as many weddings that year as I have, combined, in my life. I was a bridesmaid not once, not twice, but three times. (Dress colors: wine, clover + pistachio, and terracotta.) One of my best friends married. Both of my brothers married, so I gained two new sisters-in-law. Everyone got married that year, it seems.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that I got married in 2009, too? Because I did.

All of these events, not to mention planning my own, meant I had weddings on the brain. And so I wrote “Wedding Season,” a short-short story about a couple whose own relationship changes as they attend multiple weddings throughout the course of a year. The story appears in the current print issue of Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment. As you can see, I finally get to post photos of my cats with journals again. I’m not sure their hearts were in it, though. At least not Saucy.

The weddings in “Wedding Season” are definitely more dramatic and bizarre than the ones I attended in 2009. The real-life weddings were classic and beautiful and went off without a hitch. At those weddings, I danced to a Billy Joel cover band. I lit sparklers and twirled them around in the dark. I ran to escape the rain. I carried a white rose in honor of my mother. I posed for photographs on a carousel. And one of the weddings I can’t even talk about right now because the groom, who helped so much with my own wedding and who was one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever met, has since passed away.

“Wedding Season” does not appear in my forthcoming collection — it’s the first story I started sending out after I compiled all my older stories for Living Arrangements. Maybe I’ll post more details about my own weird little wedding and how it affected my writing in an upcoming post.

Look, here’s Cirrus:

And here’s Saucy’s feet:

Have a great long weekend, everyone. I wish you all the champagne and wedding favors that you can handle.

7 responses to Always a Bridesmaid, Only Occasionally the Bride

  • Downith says:

    Hopefully being a bride only occasionally is enough!

    Congratulations on another story published! Any chance it’s on line too?

    • I don’t believe the story is available online right now, but Flyway is making a transition to mostly online issues, so perhaps it will be up in the future as part of the archives? I’ll post something if/when that happens!

  • Lyra says:

    Could you add a link where we could order this little beauty? Please and thank you.

    I remember the comment you had left me after I had posted about my crazy wedding. I would love, love, love to read the full account. It sounded so wonderful, so different, so…right.
    Once again, please and thank you.

    • Hmm, it looks like Flyway doesn’t have the current issue online yet. I know they’ve been going through some changes, so I’ll post the link once it’s up! And yes, I suppose I will tell the weird story of my wedding. I still wonder what the heck some of my relatives must have thought…

      • Averil Dean says:

        Yay! I’ll be looking for the link.

        How are you going to pose those cats next to an online issue, once that becomes all there is? You’ll have to drape them over the computer, one lazy paw on the screen to point out the part where is says “Laura Maylene Walter.”


  • lisahgolden says:

    Saucy appears to have more than her heart in it. No way is that a yawn.

    Congratulations on your publication! I’m following all the details about how to find it.

  • Amy says:

    Your cats are clearly more intelligent than my cats. Annie just stares at the TV. Max falls asleep with his face planted in the sofa. And neither cat will pose for me…

    Congrats! I look forward to reading your short story:)

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