The Cats Help Proof My Book

Posted on 12 October 2011

Cirrus. Notice his claws digging into the carpet. He's riveted!

I'll gladly take Saucy's bored expression over her usual "death to literature" pose.

Uh oh. They discovered the Author Q&A* casually mentions them...too casually, apparently. I clearly should have dedicated an entire page to these guys.

*Yes, my book will include a short Q&A at the end, as well as a readers’ guide. I already know one book club is planning to read Living Arrangements, so maybe this guide can get some conversation going. And also help me come up with some decent answers in advance (that do not involve my cats) if/when I sit in on any of these discussions.

8 responses to The Cats Help Proof My Book

  • Teri says:

    Cats are so nice about their proofing; the indifference, the death stares. Dogs would just eat all the paper and look at you like ‘Wha? Wha happened?’

  • Lyra says:

    I love expression on Cirrus’s face.

    “If you don’t get out the tuna right now, Woman, you’ll never see page 232. Capishe?”

    “Seriously, Cirrus? I am bored to tears with the Godfather accent.”

    “Shut up Saucy.”

    “That’s it. Tomorrow we’re watching something else.”

    • Ha! I love it. Please feel free to create cat dialogue every time I post Saucy and Cirrus photos. I’d do it myself, but I fear that would be edging a little too close to “crazy and pathetic cat lady” territory. It’s enough that I post these cat entries in the first place. But if *you* write the cat dialogue, then that’s fine all around. :)

  • Downith says:

    But can they do laundry?

  • My cats simply cough up hairballs all over my writing.

    Clearly, your stuff is way, way better.

    And no surprise, that. I can’t wait to read Living Arrangements! I promise to keep my copy on a high shelf.

  • Lisa Golden says:

    Well, the cred for Living Arrangements just skyrocketed in this household. All seven felines want their own copy.

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