Book Launch Leftovers

Posted on 07 December 2011

Here’s a glimpse of the necklace two of my friends gave me Thursday night at my book launch party. Isn’t it perfect? Aren’t they wonderful friends? Aren’t I lucky?

My only regret from the party was that I didn’t take any pictures. That’s right. None. I was too busy trying to talk to everyone while simultaneously feeling that I was surely neglecting someone.

In a few ways, the party felt like my wedding all over again — only this event involved a lot more words, fewer stars, more bookmarks, no skunks, no croquet, and, sadly, no dancing. (Stars and skunks and croquet, you ask? I guess I never did get around to a post about the wedding…) But there were cupcakes, so that’s good.

So while I am sadly without pictures of all the lovely friends and fellow writers who showed up for the event, here are a few photos I managed to get my hands on:

You know you want a copy.

sugar & salt

Gather round for a story.

Book, book, wine, book

Finally, here’s a pre-party photo of me from earlier in the day, hamming it up with my book:

And, of course, you can see some shots from the reading (thanks, Peter!) in my previous post.

13 responses to Book Launch Leftovers

  • Catherine says:

    Congratulations! Yes I do want a copy! You look ecstatic, great work!

  • Gorgeous necklace. What a lucky girl you are.

  • Averil Dean says:

    Yes, I DO want a copy. What the hell, Amazon?

    (The postman will probably show up today in pads and a helmet.)

  • Teri says:

    What a beautiful gift!

    And I just got an e-mail saying my copy of LA is on it’s merry way …. :-)

  • Deb says:

    You look gorgeous and happy, Laura! As you should. And yes, that necklace is perfect. They should start calling the design Living Arrangements.

    (Unfortunately, I’m having a wth Amazon moment too.)

  • My copy’s ordered. Just waiting for the UPS guy to make my day…

    And #4,761 on my list of Things-I-Probably-Shouldn’t-Worry-About-Until-I’m-Actually-Published-But-Am-Making-A-Note-Of-Anyway: Hire a launching party photographer.

  • Lyra says:

    That necklace is beautiful!! If you would believe such a thing, I have the matching belt. It’s my wish belt as I bought it and it’s too small, but it was too cool to send back. If I don’t drop the weight, it’s making its way to Ohio.

    Okay, and I’ve said it before, but I cannot wait until you do a post about your wedding. How fantastic it sounds.

    And that last picture of you with the book…I see that, and the joy, and all I can think is that your mom is so, so proud.

  • amyg says:

    it’s perfect, all of it. the necklace, the stack of YOUR book, the food on the table in front of the shelf of books. i especially like the poster of the book cover on the podium.

    (every year, my cousin puts together a calendar for our 94-yr old grandmother and each month is a collection of pictures from different individual families. when she asked for mine this year, i didn’t have ONE photo with all four of us in it. i keep telling myself that i’m saving our family memories in words, but i don’t think it’s going to cut it when my children are adults and want to know where all our family photo albums are.)

    • I love give photo stuff like calendars for gifts to certain family members, but I have the same problem — not enough photos. Like you, I’d rather write it down than record it in pictures.

  • Thank you so much, everyone! And I’m going to check with my publisher about the online ordering issues. Someone needs to offer a crash course in book distribution and how this all works.

  • lisahgolden says:

    That necklace is wonderful! What an exciting time. I can’t wait to read Living Arrangements.

    And that photo of you is perfect. You look so happy.

  • Lynn Hones says:

    The necklace looks like it was designed from the book cover. What a thoughtful gift. I’m loving the book so much. It’s my nightly little read before bed, right on my bedside table. I’m so impressed with you and where you are going. The reading was so lovely. Not only great food, but I met some really interesting people, too. Plus got to see our “old buds,” from writing group. I’d love to get together again sometime in the future. Take care, Lynn

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