Because you knew it was going to happen eventually…

Posted on 26 December 2011

It all started with the Crab Creek Review back in November 2010 — that was when I first photographed Saucy and Cirrus with one of my fiction publications. From there, we moved on to the South Dakota Review and the American Literary Review. Then Cirrus sat on an Elizabeth Bishop book for his Inkwell photo shoot, and Saucy (again) showed her rage, this time over a copy of Flyway. Finally, the cats helped proof Living Arrangements, agreed to hang out with copies of Ohioana Quarterly, and, most recently, checked out the new issue of Three Coyotes.

Now, at long last, I’m able to present Saucy and Cirrus in the grand finale: with copies of Living Arrangements. They must have recognized that this was The Big One, because they actually cooperated (for the most part). From Saucy giving us her classic “death to literature” fang face to Cirrus curling up for a bedtime story, I appreciate their patience and participation:

Tip: Don’t give Saucy reading suggestions. She’ll read what she damn well pleases.


Saucy: “Death to literature!” Cirrus: “I like to eat Q-tips.”


He fell asleep immediately. I tried not to take it personally.

They might be unimpressed, but at least they look good.

And that’s about it. My cats-with-fiction posts are complete. Until I start submitting short fiction again, that is…

What are you trying to wrap up before the end of 2011?


10 responses to Because you knew it was going to happen eventually…

  • Averil Dean says:

    Oh my. That photo of you on the sofa with Cirrus is adorable. And I’m totally impressed.

    I’m not trying to wrap anything up, exactly. Really it’s more about getting myself on track so that when I sit down to work, I actually accomplish something. That would be nice.

    • Now when I look at Cirrus, I think of your comment about him being the Homer Simpson of the cat world. So true.

      • Averil Dean says:

        I’m loving the book, Laura. I had to set it aside for homework-y noir reading, but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist finishing it this weekend. The stories really are little tempests, and your writing is fabulous.

  • lisahgolden says:

    I enjoyed this so much I had to share it with the other cat lovers in the house.

    The caption “Death to literature!” and “I like to eat Q-Tips” is priceless. Hilarious and very familiar!

  • Lyra says:

    “I like to eat Q-Tips”…hahahaha. So funny.

    So excited that my copy is on the way. Congratulations again, Laura.

  • amyg says:

    do i sound horribly disagreeable if i say i just want to wrap 2011 up for good?

    (your cats look like they think they’re posing for a Harper’s Bazaar spread on the 1%)

  • As the mother of four cats (and a very tolerant dog who is unappreciated by most of them), I so loved this.

    What am I trying to wrap up? Lots of neglected hairballs and pine needles from the Christmas tree my visiting son will never admit his new puppy knocked over…

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