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Posted on 07 February 2012

I’m so thrilled to share this news, which I assume is every writer’s dream: I get to attend a reading of one of my stories, and I don’t have to be the one to stand up there and read it. Even better? The person reading my story will be an actor. I can just sit back and enjoy.

The details: On June 29, I’ll be one of the featured authors at Stories on Stage in Sacramento. (Yes, Living Arrangements will be hitting up California.) Stories on Stage is a monthly reading series that features short fiction by both established and emerging writers. The series tends to focus on writers from the Sacramento area, but I’ll be representing Cleveland. (Maybe I’ll show my Cleveland pride by handing out free pierogies or bottles of Stadium Mustard?)

Copies of Living Arrangements will be available at the event. My featured story, however, is new and does not appear in the book. In “Q&A at the Film Fest,” a short story about two brothers who attend a film festival together, the audience will be in for queasy Japanese film directors, bottle rocket scars, a troublemaking cat, Weekend at Bernies nostalgia, and more. And I just realized this very second that the sister in the story lives in Sacramento. That was not planned, I swear. Clearly, this was meant to be.

To say I’m excited about this event is an understatement. I’ll get a California vacation, visit Sacramento for the first time, watch an actor read my story, and hopefully introduce a few West coast readers to Living Arrangements. Many thanks to Stories on Stage host Valeri Fioravanti, who won the 2011 G.S. Sharat Chandra Prize for Short Fiction, for inviting me to participate.

Visit the Stories on Stage blog or check out videos of performances on its Facebook page. And if you are in the Northern California area (hint, hint, Teri) I’d love to see you on June 29. I’ll be the one not on stage. I’ll leave that to my story.

13 responses to Stories on Stage

  • margosita says:

    This is so cool and amazing. What great things you’re doing! :)

    • I have to say this is one of the coolest writing-related things I’ve planned recently. I love what Valerie has done for the writing community in Sacramento. Maybe I’ll get some good ideas for something similarly creative in Cleveland.

  • Averil Dean says:

    This is my kind of reading! Even I could pull it off! Can’t wait to hear all about it, my friend.

  • Sarah W says:

    That is so cool, Laura!

    Why don’t I live closer to Sacramento? (Answer: because I live closer to Cleveland).

  • lisahgolden says:

    This is wonderful! It sounds like a lot of fun to have the story read by an actor. Congratulations on being chosen to be a part of this.

  • Teri says:

    This is so cool, Laura. To see someone perform your story. Wow. And sooooo much more fun than reading yourself. You can actually sit there and enjoy it.

    Hint hint yes. You’ll only be a couple of hours away, so you know I’ll try and be there.

    • Teri, I couldn’t remember exactly where you lived, and clearly I have no clue about distances in Northern California. It’s like I assume everything would be 30 minutes away. Today I also invited a friend who might be in Monterey at the time, and then I checked and Monterey is THREE HOURS away from Sacramento. Oops.

  • Lyra says:

    I picture a scene wherein the audience leaps to their feet shouting, “Author! Author!” Congratulations, Laura. Next up, movie tie-in…

  • Catherine says:

    This sounds like the perfect way to convey your stories – and hide in the corner. Liars’ League do a similar thing in London with actors.

    And here this blushing author is already worried about the lit festival coming up this summer in Cornwall. Please pass on tips!!

  • What an amazing experience for the actor as well! To have the author watching you perform their work. It doesn’t happen often, that’s for sure. I’m so thrilled for you.

  • Do you know who the actor will be, by chance? I’m curious.

    That sounds like a fun event. I wish I could visit it.

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