Dumpster Diving

Posted on 19 June 2012

I’m still here and I’m still succumbing to all the mundane domestic work involved in moving into a new house. Still working on those floors. Still trying to get my writing room in shape. The furniture doesn’t quite fit in the writing room and I think this might be a good excuse to get a new, smaller desk to replace the one I dumpster dived (dove?) from an apartment complex in Washington, DC. That was back when I was capable of moving all my stuff in a 10-foot truck.

The cats are mostly settled in and love all the windows, but Saucy has some trouble with the hardwood floors. She keeps slipping and sliding. I have done no writing or revising whatsoever, which is to be expected, and I’ve eaten way too much junk food and microwaved meals, which is also to be expected. Exercise is limited to my furious floor-scrubbing sessions, which I think are just about over, thank god. I keep thinking I’ve finished unpacking the kitchen only to have to unpack more and then rearrange everything once again. Repair and delivery people make their steady rounds. Our little second-floor balcony is almost in shape and ready for use. The garden is still completely and hopelessly overgrown. The city is tearing up the street in front of our house. I’m looking at construction equipment right now.

I’m writing this post this in my writing room — an unpacked, messy room with a litter box in the closet and unpacked photo albums and books blocking the door, but still. Here I am.

Where are you?

9 responses to Dumpster Diving

  • Paul Lamb says:

    I’m currently in Brooklyn, NY, visiting my daughter and son in law and seeing the sights. And like you, I’m not writing but am eating too much.

    Tell us more about your writing room.

    • The writing room is painted a dusty rose color with a paisley border (the old owners’ choice; no time yet to paint). It has hardwood floors and my desk looks out the front windows. There’s also a futon that the cats like to sit on while I work. And a bookcase that is still empty and a few random boxes and other such chaos. But I love it anyway.

  • Teri says:

    I’m at my desk in my dorm room.

    I’m typing that sentence here because I doubt I will ever type those words again!

    My small desk faces an oak-paneled wall, and there’s an enormous (nonworking) fireplace that looks like something out of Victorian England. This has got to be the best damned dorm room on the planet.

    I am so very happy.

  • lisahgolden says:

    I am so excited for you and Peter. And the cats! I must admit I giggled at the image of Saucy slip sliding around.

    I’m looking forward to photos of your writing room and the rest if you’re willing to share.

    You can always worry about the garden next year.

    • The best was Saucy’s trials with using her scratching post on the hardwood. She loves to scratch and really gets into it, but her back feet were slipping and sliding all around, making her lose her balance. She even tried a few different strategies of shifting her position/weight and it didn’t work. I found this hilarious but quickly moved the scratching post to the carpeted hallway so she wouldn’t exact revenge on the couches and my wardrobe.

  • Averil says:

    I too am smitten with the idea of Saucy the Skater. Luckily she’s got a couple extra legs to keep her upright.

    I’m still on the other side of the move, surrounded by boxes and with everything in the wrong place. The truck arrives today, and off we go!

    • I accidentally startled her a few times while moving crap around, and her usual defense — leap to the floor and dash under the bed — was foiled by her complete out-of-control skid after landing on the floor. Poor Saucy. And yet I laugh.

    • Good luck with the move!! I can’t believe it’s here already. Here’s to a swift settling in period and then plenty of time to enjoy all the green Oregon has to offer.

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