Crossing the Border

Posted on 06 August 2012

“The city flashed by in grays and blacks as I drove west toward Lakewood. I had only crossed one state border, but I felt so much farther from the restlessness and displacement I’d left behind. My mother had been dead not yet a year. Since then, I’d been moving around from place to place, rotating between college dorms, sublet apartments, and relatives’ homes. For this one week in December, Cleveland would be as much my home as anywhere else.”

That’s an excerpt from my essay “Crossing the Border,” which will be published in Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology. This passage describes my first visit to Cleveland. It was winter, I was twenty-one years old, and I had no idea that the gray city I drove toward would one day become home.

This anthology, which defines the term Rust Belt Chic “by documenting what the term means to those of us who live or have lived in Cleveland,” features dozens of contributing writers and artists. With essay on topics ranging from “Cleveland’s Little Iraq,” “Drinks on the River,” “The Long Slow Walk of Detroit Shoreway,” “Tales of the Regional Art Terrorists,” “Lake Effect,” “Rust Belt Dreams,” “One That Denver Lost,” and many more (full table of contents here), this is sure to be a diverse and eclectic collection that will really show what Cleveland is made of.

The anthology will be published as a paperback and an e-book in September and can be pre-ordered here.

Stay tuned for more about this anthology in the coming weeks. And later this week, I’ll give you the details on one of my other recent publications. Want a hint? Let’s just say it’s a piece that appears in a publication that rhymes with Fat Chancey.

Photo: roy.luck


4 responses to Crossing the Border

  • Sarah W says:

    Maybe I’ll wait until I go to Cleveland in October to get my hands on the anthology–seems fitting to me!

    (thanks for the heads up about your article! I love Rat Dancey magazine! ;) )

  • Teri says:


    And, um, I’m remembering sitting in that bar in Chicago, talking about the potential in Fat Chancey. Can’t wait to hear!!

  • Josephine says:

    first, your paragraph alone makes me want the whole anthology.

    second, you know i’m going to need an autographed copy of the pub that rhymes with fat chancey (which, by the way would be an excellent name for a female detective).

  • lisahgolden says:

    Hang on. Fat chancey? Yes, please! I’m hoping for words and pictures.

    More good news on your publications! The anthology sounds great. My stack of must reads from Laura Maylene Walter grows.

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