My Fanciest Publication Credit

Posted on 09 August 2012

Yes, the rumors are true. I have an article out in Cat Fancy magazine.

Let’s all take a moment to savor that statement, shall we?

In bookstores and pet stores across this fair nation, you can find my article, “Your Cat As Your Coworker” (or “Kitty Coworkers”) on page 28 of the September 2012 issue of this fine feline publication. And I have our very own AmyG to thank for it. It was her suggestion, made on this very blog, that encouraged me to pitch a piece to Cat Fancy. Thank you, Amy, for helping me create and then fulfill a fun goal that simultaneously gave me a break in my writing routine while providing the opportunity to get paid to write about cats.

Obviously, I had to photograph Saucy and Cirrus with the magazine. But in a bizarre twist, neither of them was exactly a willing subject. Cirrus, who’s usually my go-to cat when it comes to hamming it up for the camera, was particularly skittish. He wanted nothing to do with this magazine. Saucy rubbed her face all over page 29 before running away from me, so at least there’s that.

I haven’t looked through the rest of the magazine yet, but apparently it includes a free poster and a feature on the oldest living cats. I’m a sucker for old cats, so I’ll be sure to check that one out. And, of course, there’s my article, which promises to help you balance business and play while working from home with your cats. I spoke to a cat behavior expert, a few people who work from home with cats, and even included a sidebar full of tips surrounding bringing your cat to the office. Spoiler: Most of the tips point out that taking your cat into the workplace is usually going to be a bad idea.

I’ll leave you with photos of my inspiration below. As for me, I need to get to work on something new (and completely un-cat-related).

Cirrus is startled and Saucy seems to think the magazine
might contain food. In other words, a typical day at the office.

He’s not having it.

Saucy, weakened by hunger because she just went 3 minutes
without eating, submits to having her photo taken.

12 responses to My Fanciest Publication Credit

  • Sarah W says:

    Too cool! Does it have advice for keeping one’s feline assistant from taking a nap break on one’s keyboard?

    • The expert I talked to suggested playing with your cat before beginning work so the cat is satisfied and tired enough to take a nap. But I don’t think we discussed what to do if that nap is on your keyboard…perhaps I need to write a Part II. :)

  • Erika Marks says:

    I second Sarah on the Too cool declaration, Laura. And kudos to Amy for the inspiration. And did I mention that I LOVE that you have a cat named Saucy??

    • Sadly, I can’t take credit for that. Saucy and Cirrus were given their names at the shelter, where they’d lived for over a year before we adopted them. Because they had the names for so long and because the names fit them so well, we stuck with them. But yes, we love Saucy’s name. When we took her home, Peter said, “Can you believe we have a cat named Saucy??” Love it.

  • Amy says:

    I was wondering what my first ever issue of Cat Fancy would have on the cover—Congrats! I love it.

    • I have to admit I’m relieved my article is in this issue and not in August, which I saw in a pet store and featured a hairless cat. They freak me out.

      • Amy says:

        I once knew a hairless cat named Eugene who suffered and unfortunate demise.

        The freakiest thing about Eugene was its meow–it sound like a high-pitched woman saying, “Maa-Maa” over and over again. I always wondered if maybe it was the reincarnate of some Egyptian royalty. I much more prefer believing it was vs. buying into an idea that cats may someday speak.

  • Averil Dean says:

    AmyG! What good advice. Every writer needs a bit of fun to break up the routine, and who better to offer advice on working with cats?

    I wish we could have one. We all agree they’re wonderful, and we are all violently allergic. So give those kitties a chin-scratch for me, because this is about as close as I can get.

    • Teri says:

      I believe you could get one of those hairless cats mentioned above??

      Yikes! (they totally freak me out, too)

      And Laura, I love how your kitties are reacting to your fame in THEIR magazine. They are so, well, unimpressed. They just want you to sit down at your desk and never leave and love on them — who cares why you’re actually sitting there.

      P.S. Have a great time at Bread Loaf! I hope you’re feeling better by now.

      • I was all proud because now, Saucy and Cirrus have been mentioned in Cat Fancy. They’ve made it to the big leagues! (They are mentioned by name in my author bio at the end of the article.) But yes, it’s grounding to see exactly how much they don’t care. :)

        I am on the mend, thanks! This weekend is going to be one big packing and reading session in preparation for Bread Loaf.

    • I hope there are scientists somewhere working on a vaccine that cures pet allergies. I have family coming into town in September and they have to stay in a hotel because of severe cat allergies. I’m sure Saucy and Cirrus are particularly smug about this, because house guests always disrupt their routines a bit. Well played, cats.

  • lisahgolden says:

    Be still my heart. I must get the edition. My subscription ran out.

    I can’t think of a more perfect magazine for you to have an article in.

    My cats would be high-fiving Cirrus and Saucy if they could be bothered.

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