Eight is Great

Posted on 03 September 2012

Eight minutes can either fly by or seem like an eternity. Right now, as I try to decide what to read on Saturday night for a special 8-8-8 reading (eight Cleveland authors reading for eight minutes each on Sept. 8), my goal is to make those minutes fly. Or, you know, cut my reading down to only four minutes and make the audience subliminally love me because I didn’t use every last second. The details:

Writers Group 8
Mac’s Backs Books on Coventry
Saturday, Sept. 8 at 7pm

Here is the full list of the fantastic writers who will be reading this Saturday at Mac’s Backs Books in Cleveland:

  1. Mary Grimm is a fiction writer who teaches and has a ferocious and insatiable reading habit.
  2. Susan Grimm is the author of Lake Erie Blue (poems) and Roughed Up by the Sun’s Mothering Tongue (poems). She has also compiled a writer’s reference book, Ordering the Storm: How to Put Together a Book of Poems.
  3. William Johnson’s work has appeared in The Antioch Review, Denver Quarterly and Hiram Poetry Review.
  4. Amy Kesegich has published poems most recently in Rubbertop Review, Penguin Review, Poetography and White Pelican Review.
  5. Charles Oberndorf is the author of three novels and five short stories.
  6. Lynn Powell is the author of Framing Innocence (nonfiction) and Zones of Paradise (poetry).
  7. Tricia Springstubb is the author of essays, short fiction for adults and numerous books for kids including What Happened on Fox St.
  8. Laura Maylene Walter is the author of the short story collection Living Arrangements.

These writers are good good good, so even if you’re tired of hearing me drone on in this blog, this will be a very worthwhile reading. All I can tell you about what I’m going to read is that I decided to pass on an excerpt from my Cat Fancy article (although, now that I think about it, that could be kind of fun…). I know most of my blog readership isn’t in the Cleveland area, but if you’re one of my regular but unknown NE Ohio readers (and I know you’re out there), please consider coming out. And hey: If you use the code phrase “cat lady,” I’ll give you some free Living Arrangements bookmarks.

Photo: Leo Reynolds

3 responses to Eight is Great

  • Teri says:

    You are a smart smart woman. Draw them in with 4 minutes of a funny passage, and then charm with with answers to their questions. Show a photo of your cats admiring your book. Show no mercy.

  • Josephine says:

    of course, i’m pulling for the cat fancy article.

    The Second Rule of Yoga would also work with the number thing; and, the fact that it is a really great piece.

    (maybe give signed copies of the Cat Fancy article?)

  • I wish I could just bring Saucy and Cirrus and stage an improvised play with them regarding my writing and their distaste for all things literary. I got this idea this morning when I was writing in a notebook and Saucy calmly stepped over my hands and plopped her big fuzzy butt over both entire pages.

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