Ferry Me Away

Posted on 24 September 2012

On Friday I headed west, boarded a ferry, and made my way to a rambling old farmhouse on Kelleys Island. There, I joined for the first time a group of writers who have been meeting annually on the island for years. I was honored for the chance to join them even if, in retrospect, I feel I spent most of the weekend eating, drinking wine, and napping instead of getting much work done. But sometimes we need to be out on a little slice of land in the middle of Lake Erie to recharge, right?

I slept on the top bunk, walked along the beach, witnessed a golf cart accident, got caught in the rain, saw exactly three seconds of a marionette show, and walked alone through a quarry. And oh yeah: I did a little writing, received encouragement and helpful suggestions for the new novel I’m just beginning, and gained some inspiration from all the great work the other writers brought to the table. So never mind that I did not make it to the glacial grooves or read or write as much as I would have liked — the company, the four kinds of dessert, the critique sessions, and the writerly camaraderie more than made up for any of my own failings.

Now I’m back home and ready to start an extremely busy workweek. But let’s not think of that, shall we? I’m still on island time:

6 responses to Ferry Me Away

  • Sarah W says:

    Simply stunning, Laura. I’d want to stay, too.

  • Tricia says:

    There is no time like island time…

  • mary says:

    The photos are making me nostalgic for the weekend.

  • Downith says:

    There’s something about taking a boat somewhere, isn’t there.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  • No way! Kelly’s Island is one of my favorite places! I used to go a couple times each summer, but didn’t make it there this year. Had you ever been there before? Did you make it to the winery and the glacial grooves? Did you drink any of their world-famous Brandy Alexanders? And most important, how do I get an invite for this event next year??

    • Peter and I went to Kelleys Island together once years ago. We rented a golf cart and went all around. I did see the grooves then, but that’s all I really remember. This year, it rained off and on (I had to run back from the beach on Saturday as a sudden thunderstorm chased me) so I didn’t make it to the grooves. But I had the best time, from ferry ride to ferry ride.

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