Views from My Writing Room

Posted on 25 September 2012

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  • Teri says:

    So beautiful, so calming, so the place where you can write!

    • I have spent the last few years getting the bulk of my writing done in public places, so I wasn’t sure if working at home would really pan out…but it definitely has. It helps to have a separate room only for this purpose (and, well, for whatever the cats want to do with it). I feel very lucky.

  • That photograph of the desk in the alcove? It’s identical to the space in my attic. The one my daughters have. The one I’m steal away to when I can.

    I’m loving that stained glass heart. Is that your creation?

    • The one I steal away to when I can.

    • The photo of the alcove was taken years ago in my alma mater’s literary house. It shows one of the third-floor fellowship writing rooms, and that picture is the result of my senior year photography class. (I had a different fellowship room in that house, where I wrote my first novel. This is actually the first time since then that I have my own writing room!)

      Peter gave me that peace heart. I’m thinking it’s from the art museum in Toledo (which has a fantastic glass pavilion) or possibly from Libby Glass?? Oh man, so old and forgetful. Will double check and then edit this comment to hide my ignorance and bad memory.

  • Downith says:

    Beautiful, Laura.

  • Sarah W says:

    Where did you get that amazing snail?!

  • Josephine says:

    what a great thing to share. i love this idea, letting us see what you see while you write.

    the last picture reminds me of my grandma’s sewing room. she had my father’s senior photo hanging above her sewing machine. he was so young and handsome with his dark short hair slicked back. the week before my wedding, we both sat in that room while she tried to show me how to make these fabric roses out of long strips of satin she had sewn. i couldn’t do it to save my life and we both ended up crying and hugging each other under his picture. that memory still makes me tear up.

    the woman on your wall has great hair too.

    • Josey, that is an absolutely beautiful story. The woman in my photo is my mom — I believe this portrait was taken when she was in college. I found the photo in our living room when I was about 16 and was always taken by it. When she died, I popped it into a frame and have kept it close since. It has become something of a tradition for me to place or hang it near my writing desk, so here it is.

  • Lisa Golden says:

    What a lovely space you’ve created. I picture you there working away, drinking coffee.

    I’m ashamed to tell you, as the other cat lady in the group, or one of the other cat ladies in the group, it took me a minute to figure out that the snail was a cat toy.

  • Averil says:

    Hand over the rainbow scarf and no one gets hurt.

    • These are actually rainbow leg warmers. Sometimes I’ll wear a black t-shirt and put these on my arms for makeshift rainbow sleeves. Because that’s how I roll.

      I DID have a rainbow scarf, but in my frantic moving and purging of things last spring, I think I donated it back to the thrift store. :( I also donated a few other items that I was going to use to make my Halloween costume this year. DAMN IT. How often do we actually regret getting rid of stuff?? I apparently do not choose wisely when donating.

  • Wait, where are the piles of discarded notes, empty Diet Coke/beer cans, dirty dishes, and pet hair tumbleweeds? Oh, I guess that’s MY writing space. Yours is much, much lovelier! Pleased to see the new house is working out so nicely.

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