5 Random Things: How Not to Get Published

Posted on 10 December 2012

1. Are you writing a “Mom’s very sick” story, a “social outcast imparts Jesus-y lesson to the immoral” story, a bar fight story, or an affair story? Read “How Not to Get Published” for a list of eight universal unpublished story submission plots.

2. One writer reveals just how much money his novels have made. The biggest surprise for me? The royalties earned on his first published novel.

3. As writers, we should all be well versed in the art of being still. After considering my very busy 2012, which was filled with conferences and events, I can agree with this bit of advice: “I often encourage burgeoning novelists, poets and essayists to seek out conferences where they can be exposed to established authors, agents, editors and — most important — other folks like them who are struggling and hoping their writing dreams will come true. But I discourage people from going to too many of these, because if a writer isn’t careful, she will end up packing and traveling and workshopping far more than she writes.”

4. When I was recently tasked with writing something by hand in cursive, it took me all of three seconds to determine I no longer have the muscle memory for cursive writing. I had to think through every letter and word and the result was a big mess. I prefer my print-cursive hybrid for when I write by hand. (I admit I do miss writing the cursive capital Q, though.) In “The End of Pens,” we’re asked: “Is handwriting worth saving?”

5. I’m here to tell you that your blog is the best blog, your cousins refer to you as “the cool cousin,” and no one has ever thought your feet look gross. For more confidence boosters, visit Emergency Compliment.

4 responses to 5 Random Things: How Not to Get Published

  • Teri says:

    #3. Guilty as charged. I did way too much in 2012.

  • Downith says:

    Auugh! A very timely post title .

    *re-inserts fork in eye*

  • Averil says:

    Thank god for #5.

  • Lisa Golden says:

    What a wealth of links. I love coming here and discovering new places.

    Here’s to a more still 2013.

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